Bad Leaders Destroy

Bad leaders are a real detriment to organizations and this makes it incredibly important for us to make good leadership choices.  Choosing to promote someone who is not right for a leadership role will have disastrous consequences.  This is why companies need to get rid of bad leaders before they have a chance to destroy things.  Read on to learn more about how bad leaders destroy.

Harming Relationships with Employees

Harming relationships with employees will be one of the worst ways that a bad leader can destroy things in the company.  You see, some bosses have so much of Greed (and the lust for it), Anger and Ignorance in their tainted consciousness that they will make good employees wish to quit.  Those are the 3 Poisons and are toxic character traits.  Companies wind up losing good people because of putting just one bad leader in place.  The harm done to business and the suffering it causes will be hard to get over if too many key employees are lost.

Disrupting Workplace Efficiency

Disrupting workplace efficiency can make it tough to get things back to normal.  The workplace should have a flow and that flow needs to continue to keep things working properly.  Bad leaders interrupt the workflow because they project insecurities and are ignorant in leadership skills.  They often make detrimental decisions based on ego.  This can keep tasks from getting done on time and it will cause the organization to miss deadlines and lose clients or customers.

Making Selfish Decisions

Selfish, greedy decisions can be very harmful to a company and we want to avoid letting that happen.  Some bad leaders put themselves ahead of the company and will not care about the consequences.  This could include over delegating work, then attaching their name to their employees’ work for turn in and presentation.  This is never warranted.  This is egoistic, theft and misrepresentation.  When people care more about their own personal interests (getting ahead) than the company interests, they should probably be let go, once it is apparent.  

Get Rid of Bad Leaders

We need to get rid of toxic leaders before they have a chance to destroy certain aspects of an organization.  If we can recognize the traits of bad leaders sooner, then we will be able to get rid of them before it’s too late.  We just have to realize that not everyone is cut out or trained for leadership.  Some people can do much harm to an organization rather than help it.  For those in power – Try to be selective when choosing leaders and be honest with yourself if you did make a bad choice and now need to rectify it.  The only effective way to lead is with generosity, loving-kindness and compassion.  These same concepts also relate to governments and politics.

Published by Nicholas Gerace 5D - Upstate New York

Nicholas Gerace is retired Army Officer, Pilot and Commander. Currently, Nicholas is a Professional Life Coach with niche's in Health, Nutrition and Spirituality.

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