The Core and Central Teachings to Attain Enlightenment

These are the Core and Central Teachings to attain Enlightenment. The way of practice to Enlightenment is Generosity, Moral Conduct, and Meditation.

The wisdom of these Teachings gradually improves the way the mind functions in the world through eliminating discontentedness of mind.

Did you know the mind can completely eliminate all discontent feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance, guilt, shame, fears, boredom, loneliness, shyness, jealousy, resentment, stress, anxiety, etc. with these Teachings? The mind can reside peaceful, calm, serene, and content with joy – permanently.

Those learning will not be causing harm in the world. This benefits us all. This changes lives. This ends the struggle. This eventually lays down the burden of stress… permanently.

Once a Practitioner establishes a foundation in these Teachings, the mind would then be able to realize non-self and also grasp the ultimate truth of Dependent Origination, which is a more advanced Teaching. In a nut shell, Dependent Origination is the ultimate truth that explains the causality or causal relationship between ignorance (unknowing of true reality) and discontentedness along with The Cycle of Rebirth (new existence) and beings continued wandering in The Cycle of Rebirth (new existence). Someone in The First Stage of Enlightenment as a Stream-Enterer would fully understand Dependent Origination. It is the Core and Central Teachings, along with a Practitioner’s own dedication, determination, and due diligence that allow a Practitioner to get to “base camp” there as Stream-Enterer.


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Published by Nicholas Gerace 5D - Upstate New York

Nicholas Gerace is retired Army Officer, Pilot and Commander. Currently, Nicholas is a Professional Life Coach with niche's in Health, Nutrition and Spirituality.

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