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Understanding Right View: A Series of Blogs Exploring the Path to Jhānas and Stages of Enlightenment

The Right View, as the initial step on the Eightfold Path, establishes a foundation for spiritual growth and enlightenment, encompassing a righteous perspective grounded in moral principles and ethical values. Within this enlightening blog mini-series, we have embarked on a transformative journey, delving deep into the essence of Right View. With every step, we have…

Kamma (Karma) As Explained by Dependent Origination

In our pursuit of understanding suffering and discontent, we encounter the profound teachings of Dependent Origination. Dependent Origination is a teaching that transcends any particular individual or tradition. It offers a profound insight into the nature of reality itself. This understanding allows us to grasp the causes and conditions that give rise to the whole…

New and Old Karma: The Body is Old Karma

In this lesson, we draw inspiration from two discourses in the Pāli Canon, SN 35.146 & SN 12.37, where the Buddha discusses New and Old Kamma and how the body is a manifestation of Old Kamma. Old karma, the culmination of our past actions and choices, spanning across lifetimes, intricately molds our present body and…

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