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Five Facts Regarding Life’s Fragility and Our True Inheritance

The discourse advises that these facts are to be reflected upon often by all: 1. I am sure to become old; I cannot avoid ageing. 2. I am sure to become ill; I cannot avoid illness. 3. I am sure to die; I cannot avoid death. 4. I must be separated and parted from all…

Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Teachings

Inspiration: We can feel a great deal of gratitude that Abraham had enough faith in God that he was willing to follow where God led, and so lead us to God. The takeaway from this verse is that without the Old Testament, we wouldn’t understand the promise of salvation; we wouldn’t understand why it was…

Existence…This is said to be Existence

5.10 Continuation With attachment (clinging) as condition: continuation (existence) is said. What is continuation? Existence. There are three kinds. Which three? They are as follows: – continuation in the sense-realm sphere, – continuation in the luminous form-sphere, – continuation in the formless-sphere. **Herein, what is continuation in the SENSE-SPHERE existence? This is the Kamma-world. The…

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