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Existence…This is said to be Existence

5.10 Continuation With attachment (clinging) as condition: continuation (existence) is said. What is continuation? Existence. There are three kinds. Which three? They are as follows: – continuation in the sense-realm sphere, – continuation in the luminous form-sphere, – continuation in the formless-sphere. **Herein, what is continuation in the SENSE-SPHERE existence? This is the Kamma-world. TheContinue reading “Existence…This is said to be Existence”

The Core and Central Teachings to Attain Enlightenment

These are the Core and Central Teachings to attain Enlightenment. The way of practice to Enlightenment is Generosity, Moral Conduct, and Meditation. The wisdom of these Teachings gradually improves the way the mind functions in the world through eliminating discontentedness of mind. Did you know the mind can completely eliminate all discontent feelings such asContinue reading “The Core and Central Teachings to Attain Enlightenment”

The Eightfold Path is The Path for All Humans to Enlightenment

With an understanding of The Four Noble Truths, you can now study and practice The Path to eliminate discontentedness from the mind and your life. You will need a detailed and thorough understanding and practice of The Eightfold Path to attain Enlightenment. Gotama Buddha gave us “The Path” forward to pursuing our own Enlightenment. InContinue reading “The Eightfold Path is The Path for All Humans to Enlightenment”

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