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New and Old Karma: The Body is Old Karma

In this lesson, we draw inspiration from two discourses in the Pāli Canon, SN 35.146 & SN 12.37, where the Buddha discusses New and Old Kamma and how the body is a manifestation of Old Kamma. Old karma, the culmination of our past actions and choices, spanning across lifetimes, intricately molds our present body and…

The Ten Paths to Wholesome Karma: Cultivating Positive Outcomes in Life and Beyond

This lesson is based on AN 10.176, a discourse found in the Pāli Canon in which the Buddha explains the essential courses of Kamma. For everything we do, there will be a cause and effect. Our actions and intentions create results that can be either wholesome, unwholesome or neutral. Kamma, or karma, explains how our…

Understanding the Natural Law of Karma: Overcoming the Three Poisons

The Natural Law of Karma is a concept that refers to the law of cause and effect, where every action, thought, and word creates an imprint on our mindstream that influences our future experiences. The three poisons – craving, anger, and ignorance – are the origin of unwholesome karma, which can cause suffering and discontent…

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