Mindfulness: Staying Connected in a World Full of Distractions

Mindfulness: Staying Connected in a World Full of Distractions

When every action on social media results in a series of pings from our phones, it’s easy to forget about the world surrounding us. Without meaning to, it’s easy to slip into a pattern where the details of everyday life are washed away. 

Mindfulness is a powerful counter to the distractions of the world. Mindfulness is the term used when one has achieved a mental state that allows them to be entirely focused. To be entirely in the moment, as it were.

Staying in the Moment

One of the key concerns surrounding the art of mindfulness is staying in the moment. What that means is that you are truly aware of the moment you are in. It’s not thinking about what to do later in the day. I advise that parents become mindful of this especially around their children as their growing up is impermanent. They will not be around forever and neither will we be. 

It sounds easy, and for some, it really is. But for others it takes work. Regardless of how much effort it takes, mindfulness is worth trying to achieve. In the long run, it will give you the ability to appreciate your daily life more, and give you even happier memories down the line.

Taking it One Step Further

Many people, when picturing mindfulness, are imagining a person sitting calmly in the center of a serene room. In short, they’re picturing the iconic imagery that goes hand and hand with meditation.

While mindfulness is a form of meditation, AdapNation made a point of distinguishing the two. There are many different forms of meditation, but mindfulness’ primary focus is on a singular moment – the here and now.

Mindfulness and Medicine

Mindfulness and medicine go hand and hand, a fact that more practices are becoming aware of. The founding director of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is one such enthusiast.

According to HealthScope, Jon Kabat-Zinn is out there to combine mindfulness and therapy into one being. This is the natural next step for mindfulness and proves that the scientific world is paying attention to the varied avenues for achieving positive mental health.

Daily Wisdom – Walking The Path with The Buddha

Utilizing the Four Foundations of Mindfulness; An Example

Let’s say you are being “projected upon…” This being a time you know it’s not you and this time it is in fact others that are not on the path, are not practicing the straight way, not practicing the noble way. People do not and will not know it is them that is causing harm. They will place blame on others, that is the unEnlightened mind, the ego not accepting its own responsibility. When this happens to you remember the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Notice these sensations and cut them off at the root. Try to get it cut off sooner and sooner. Try to cut it off at the first step before it goes into steps 2, 3 or 4.  Let’s discuss:

  1. Body in Body (Bodily Sensations) – recognize your spider senses, the body reacting, do you feel that inside, some kind of bodily sensation, anger brewing??? Cut it off, let it go, return back to the breath, gather your thoughts with singleness of mind and respond using Right Speech.
  2. Feelings as Feelings (Feelings in the mind) – uht oh, has it turned into a feeling already, anger/resentment/frustration/annoyances… cut it off, let it go, go back to the breath, gather thoughts respond using Right Speech.
  3. Mind as Mind (Condition of the mind) – uht oh, now its in your mind. You’re thinking about it, dwelling upon it for days or weeks, something unwelcome or inconvenient that happened still has you discontent? Recognize that, cut it off, go back to the breath, and let it go.
  4. Mental Objects (Mental States) – oh no, this example has now turned into an object of ill will. You let it sit and harbor around. You’re going around being mean to that person still for something in the past with a snappy attitude you haven’t let go of. You’re going around town talking trash . All you are doing is making more unwholesome karma at this point and it will come back to you, keeping you in this discontent karmic loop. Cut it off, let it go, and return back to the breath. “Meditate monks, less you regret it later, this is my instruction to you” – Gotama Buddha .

Achieving mindfulness in a world full of distractions is important. The only way to cultivate and achieve this wholesome attribute is thru Breathing Mindfulness Meditation. As long as we can find a way to live in the moment, we can find a way to better appreciate ourselves, our friends and family, and the world around us. The antidote to appreciate all the people around better is thru Loving-kindness Meditation. These are the two most important things Gotama Buddha taught us to practice.

May this advice be helpful and may you be peaceful, may you be safe, may you be well,

Coach Nick

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