New and Old Karma: The Body is Old Karma

In this lesson, we draw inspiration from two discourses in the Pāli Canon, SN 35.146 & SN 12.37, where the Buddha discusses New and Old Kamma and how the body is a manifestation of Old Kamma. Old karma, the culmination of our past actions and choices, spanning across lifetimes, intricately molds our present body andContinue reading “New and Old Karma: The Body is Old Karma”

Beyond Delusion: Unveiling the Three Universal Truths

The first of the Three Universal Truths is “Anicca,” a term that can be translated to “impermanence” in English. As per the Pali Canon, everything in the world apart from Enlightenment and the Natural Laws of Existence undergoes constant changes, and nothing remains static. This includes our thoughts, feelings, physical experiences, circumstances and situations. InContinue reading “Beyond Delusion: Unveiling the Three Universal Truths”